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When You Are Inspired, Inspire Others

Today we celebrated International Day of the Girl, recognised around the world to confront and solve the disparity of suffering and lack of opportunities girls still face today.

I coordinated this event along with Thames Valley Police hosted by Upton Grammar School to allow a safe space for young women aged 14-19 to explore issues including gender inequality in all areas of life, role models, abuse and self defence. We had some amazing motivational speakers share their stories, give messages of encouragement and lessons learned as-well as poetry performed by Banana Sharma and services including the young people’s service and Fire officers come down to show the many career opportunities available to young people today.

The students turned up early, stayed focussed all day giving up half if their precious weekend, were enthusiastic and dove deep into sensitive issues most adults shy away from. I left that evening in admiration of their push for unity in the community they live in and all the shared hopes they now have for the future.

My message to you today- when you are inspired, don’t keep that gift and energy to yourself. Go out, give back and you’ll be surprised how much more satisfaction this brings.


Check out the video I posted live after being blown away by a group of young women I was privileged to spend the day with recently:

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