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Keep Hoping

Keep Hoping

Sometime’s I feel like writing posts, sometimes poetry, other times songs! It all depends where I’m at and what I’m trying to work through at the time but I do find having my thoughts and feelings on paper helps me think more clearly and lightens the load.

I’ve got something new to share with you all and hope you can connect with it because we all go through times in life where things feel a little hopeless even if in our rational mind we know it won’t last forever, it doesn’t stop those feelings from taking over…. read, enjoy and feel free to share.

Keep Hoping

Keep hoping morning will brighten up my day

But memories shadow over, hope fades away

Even when I may appear to be fine

A part of me still churns deep inside

No one else knows what I’m holding within

My fragile emotions hide deep under skin

I try to move forward but keep falling back

You see the smiles yet I feel the lack

My mind drifts slowly as if on rewind

Scanning & searching, keep hoping to find

The glimmer that faded the zest that once showed

But nothing, there’s nothing, guess I’ll see what tomorrow holds

© Nadine Barrett, 2017


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