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Why I’m feeling so damn good

Why I’m feeling so damn good

We are now 1/3 of the way through the year, although it’s not all gone to plan- it’s certainly gone well. I can actually declare April has been the best month of the year by far! I’ve managed to get through a few things on those all-important ‘to-do lists’ that never seem to end but also had some great surprises along the way as-well. I’m feeling high on life right now, optimism growing by the day and looking forward to seeing what else life can bring my way.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking there have been no hard times, things that have happened to myself, my family members and friends bring those well suppressed anxieties to the surface and moments when I think ‘really there’s more?’ wondering how many ups and downs we actually have to go through. As I get older I do realise though, I don’t have to get consumed by anger or fear, feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by one disaster after another, those moments are just moments now but I’m able to take a deep breath and put things into perspective. These days I’m putting fun at the forefront of everything and learning to trust my own instincts more so sticking with the belief that there is a lesson to be learned in everything we go through. Problems or No Problems I can press re-set every single day!

A few things that have made me smile recently;

  • Launched this new website
  • 10-day adventure in Thailand
  • Enjoyed a lovely family Easter
  • Attending a Gospel Concert my dad organised and performed in
  • My niece winning a national writing competition
  • Activities with friends on a regular basis keeping me social and full of laughter
  • Enjoyed my 1st solo trip abroad to Bali & wrote my 1st guest post!!

After returning from a recent trip I went back into a sedentary job stuck sitting in meetings and at a computer for hours on end coupled with the grey skies it all took its toll. I went from being out and about all day feeling on top of the world to suddenly stiff, sore and sluggish. I decided enough was enough so kick-started an action every day to bring that glow back including yoga, meditation, using Louise Hay’s daily affirmation calendar which my sister gifted me at Christmas, watching comedy films, cutting out sugar plus planning a whole host of outings for the next few months. I may not have reached by ultimate fitness or happiness goals but I know for sure each action takes me closer and I’m back to feeling really good and ready to take on the world!

I’d love you to share the things you do to bring a smile back on your face, so comment below and let’s get this conversation started.



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3 thoughts on “Why I’m feeling so damn good”

  • A few hours of thrifting, reading a book from start to finish in one sitting, or listening to old school hiphop are just some of the things I do to help minimize the stress and maximize the glow!

    • What an amazing few things you’ve put into your life for that glow factor! Old school hip hop nothing quite like it and well done on the marathon book reading sessions it must be lovely to get so immersed in another world. Thanks for stopping by and shraring

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