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Banishing The Blues

Banishing The Blues

We all have good and bad days and I’m sure like me you have some mornings that you leap out of bed ready to take on the day and win and other’s where even opening your eyes are a real struggle. It could be down to a late night and burning the candle at both ends or more than simply being tired, your emotional well-being could be behind you wanting to curl up and shut the world out.

If you’re letting life’s stresses get on top of you then tackling the causes head on are the best way to ensure you can get back to enjoying a restful night’s sleep and thrive continually throughout each day.

I like to see the first sign of negative emotion as a signal to reflect on what’s going on in my life… am I avoiding a task or person, is a particular ‘obligation’ getting me down, what can I do right now to feel better and ensure I find a long term solution as well? When you are feeling blue, be sure to listen to your body prompting you to look inwards and give it some well-deserved attention. If you keep ignoring those early subtle signs you could be faced with more serious enduring low mood and poor physical health requiring long term specialist support to get you back on top of your game.

For My 5 Top Tips to beating the blues check out my article published in Best Self Magazine.

You deserve to be happy- Never forget that.

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